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In an effort to make you a smarter traveler and to keep you informed about the ever-changing aviation industry, we have started two blogs to help you fly smarter, and make your travel experience better.

The TravelBlog deals with specific topics, whether its why we say you should fly Barkley, to information about delays, or what goes into cancellations, or even how TSA Pre√ can smooth one of the roughest edges of air travel, security.

The Aviation 101 blog is aimed at helping you understand the ins, outs, and changes in the industry in relation to how it effects you, the flying public and us at Barkley Regional Airport.   Topics will cover the Essential Air Service Program(EAS), how and why aviation has changed in the last 20-30 years, and why the fastest and cheapest route between to points isn't necessarily a straight line (or direct flight) anymore.

We hope that you will find valuable information from both of these blogs, or at the very least better understand the challenges faced by every airport in the country that is not a hub, most especially us here at Barkley.   Again our goal is to help you be a better traveler by being a smarter traveler. And we hope that in the process you will see that flying from Barkley is a way of being both.

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