The Benefits of the 3 Flight Schedule

As we prepare for the start of the 3 daily weekday flights we thought we'd take the opportunity to explain the many reasons this new schedule is and could be a major game changer for us, at the airport and you the traveller.


1.  More options to get there and back home.

We will start with the obvious.  With this new flight schedule you now have 2 opportunities to get to Chicago by 2pm. (the 7:10a and the 10:55a departures)  So if you miss the morning flight, or just don't want to have to be at the airport by 6am, the 10:55 is a great option.  And the 5:30 departure will get you to ORD by 7pm. So if you're just going to Chicago for a meeting, or for fun,  you can work most of the day before leaving,and get to Chicago at a reasonable hour for that early morning meeting the next day.

Likewise if you get to Chicago by 9am, you can get back to Paducah by 10:30am, or 5pm, and of course 10:30pm   This makes one day trips to Chicago even easier or even getting home early after an overnight stay.


2. This schedule fits any schedule.

One of the big reasons many of you have said "I'd rather fly from Paducah but it just doesn't work with my schedule,"  This one's for you.    This new 3 -flight schedule makes any travel schedule possible, whether going to Chicago, staying in the U.S. or flying oversees.   With this weekday schedule, you'll get to O'Hare at 9am, 1:40pm, or 7pm. Making connections possible any time of the day or night.   Conversely, you can now get to Paducah (from Chicago) at 10:20am, 5pm. or 10:45pm making getting at home just as easy. 

3. Delay and cancellation options.

Annually our flight completion number is over 92%, though we realize if you only fly out 2 or 3 times a year, if any one of your flights is canceled that can make things hard.    The new schedule can help you guard against this in a few ways.    A canceled early flight (7:10am)  has the 10:55am flight as an alternative,  giving you a 3 hour wait, instead of 6 with the "old" schedule.  And you'll still get to Chicago by 2, plenty of time to make connections to most cities.

Also historically speaking,  when our flight times fo the afternoon flight were between 3-5 pm that would be the flight that was most likely cancelled for any reason due to it being the busiest time of day at ORD, and it seemed the time that the major weather events would impact airport operations there.   This new schedule operate around this time frame, so we are optimistic that the flights will not be impacted as often by weather related events, since they operate at non-peak times.

One of the biggest headaches for many is getting stuck in Chicago overnight due to a cancellation. Now we hope this issue goes away, and gets you at least to Cape Girardeau, instead of getting stranded in Chicago.  Then you could at least be a moderate drive from home and not 7 hours away, or you could stay overnight in Cape, catch the first flight to Paducah and get home by 7am.

Or since any flight out of Chicago would effect two cities, Paducah and Cape, we are optimistic that this would move us up on the priority flight list, so that a flight that would have been canceled before is allowed to operate. And there is also the fact, given the proximity of Paducah and Cape, that a flight bound for Paducah could divert to CGI, and stay or, continue on to PAH once the weather clears. Giving you additional options to get back home.


Also as a result of these flights, you are now able to travel between Paducah and Cape Girardeau.   You can go see Murray State play at SEMO, stay the night and come back the next morning for $76.  And what would take you 3 hours of driving to and from Cape, is accomplished with 2 - 20 minute flights.   (You couldn't come back after the game because the earliest flight to Paducah would be at 6am the next morning. or 5pm the next evening). But the same is true of Show Me Center Concerts, and Isle Casino events as well.

These are just some of the benefits that this new schedule provides you, and why we are so excited that it is happening. We are constantly striving to find ways to make travel, faster, easier, and more convenient for you, and this new schedule is a big step forward in that regard.   


We hope that with this new schedule you'll fly out of the ORDinary more often than ever before!