Advertise at the Airport


On Average, 42,000 passenger come through Barkley Airport each year.  While the majority live within 100-miles of the airport, man travelers, visitors, students and others from around the U.S. and the world travel through your airport. This means  we see over 3,000 people per month. This number does not include those individuals who pick up, meet, or drop-off passengers which probably means another 30,000 people actual come into the airport on an annual basis.

Advertising at the airport provides area businesses the chance to capture visitors who are here for business, tourism, or looking to move to the area, no to mention locally based travelers. We offer businesses a chance to make a valuable impression, minutes before or after they step on or off the plane. Particularity for those looking for a place to eat, stay, play, or pass some time while in the area. We offer very affordable advertising options when you consider the amount of exposure you get to niche audiences, and locals alike.