Getting Through Security Faster with TSA Pre√

We know that going through TSA security screening is one of the most dreaded, time-consuming facets of modern air travel.

But did you know that the TSA, in cooperation with two dozen airlines as well as over 150 airports across the country, has a program in place to make this pill of the security checkpoint a little easier to swallow.

That program is TSA pre√.

Air Service in Paducah & the EAS Program

When Delta Airlines announced in 2009 that they were ending service to Memphis from Paducah, it potentially signaled the end of commercial air service in Paducah.The saving grace for Barkley came in the form of a Department of Transportation (DOT) program, called the Essential Air Service Program (EAS). This program, in place since 1978 was started in an effort to make sure small communities were still able to have commercial airline service.