New Terminal Overview


The new terminal project at Barkley Airport is going to be a foundational and transformational project for the airport, Paducah and Western Kentucky.  Not only with this new modern, open, and efficient terminal replace the one we've called home for 67 years.  It will enable us to provide a better, easier and more enjoyable experience for everyone traveling in and out of Barkley Airport.   In addition, we anticipate that it will be a catalyst for economic development and overall growth for the region, fully putting the "Regional" back into Barkley Regional Airport.

This project is the culmination of decades of work and years of planning.  We are hoping to build a terminal that truly exemplifies the region, and is an ideal welcome mat for the visitors that will see Barkley Airport as the front door to the area.  While we hesitate to use he phrase state-of-the-art, it will feature modern and up-to-date styling but the appearance and decor should reflect the place we call home.   Feel free to visit these pages often for updates and information as it becomes available, and as time moves on, because we want you to have a vested interest in, and support for YOUR airport.


Rough Timeline  (subject to change)

Summer/Fall 2020-spring 2022 --- Site preparation, utilities routing to site, access road and aircraft apron construction.

Spring 2021 ---   Terminal Building Design Completed

Summer 2021--- Fall 2022 Terminal Building Construction

Summer/Fall 2022 --- Additional Site Development -Parking lots, other needs.
                               ---  Landscaping, terminal interior completion, finishing touches

Spring 2023  --- Terminal Opens